Difference between Blazer and Suit Jacket

Blazer vs Suit Jacket: A blazer can simply be defined as a trendy stylish casual coat that can be worn with any trouser pants with ne specific need to match the color and design of the pants. It is mainly a fashion clothing that can be worn in any weather conditions. A Suit jacket on the other hand is an official coat that must be worn with a matching pair of trouser pants and is mainly worn during official functions. Below are some differences between a blazer and a suit jacket.

So What is the Difference between Blazer and Suit Jacket?


The first and obvious difference between these two is in the cost price. Blazers are widely believed to be cheaper in comparison to suit jackets because suit jackets cannot be bought independently. They must be accompanied by a trouser pant. Because of this, most people tend to price the suit jacket differently from the balzers.

2. Match

There is no specific fashion requirement that blazers must be worn with a matching trouser pants. Blazers can be worn with any type and color of trousers because they are meant to be trendy. A suit jacket on the other hand, cannot be worn with any trouser pants as this will defy the principles of fashion. It is widely expected that a suit jacket must be accompanied by its matching trouser pant while this is not necessary when wearing a blazer.

3. Shape

A blazer is designed differently from a suit jacket. In the case of a blazer, the general outline is usually rugged to make it appear informal. A suit jacket has a far more formal appearance and has a particular design that is meant to make it appear official.

4. Fitness

The fitness of a blazer is not dependent on any other attire or apparel that will be worn by the wearer. This is because a blazer may be worn with any other type and design of a trouser. A suit jacket is generally expected to be a fitting attire that matches the design and appearance of the trouser pants.

5. Formality

A blazer is largely seen as a fashion clothing that can be worn in any event or environment without any restrictions. It can be worn by the young or the old alike and may be used in any event that one wishes. Suit jackets are generally worn in very official circumstances by very formal individuals or events. And like earlier stated, it must be accompanied by matching pants.


The labor involved in the making of a blazer differs with that involved in the making of a suit jacket. A blazer requires less work since there is no specific measurement that needs to be matched, especially when it comes to the pants. A suit jacket on the other hand requires that you must also consider the measurements of the trouser pants which brings in the increased labor aspect.


Blazers may sometimes be designed for a particular weather, for instance, a blazer may be designed to be warm so as to be worn in the cold season. A suit jacket on the other hand cannot be designed for either hot or warm season. It is simply designed for fashion and for appearance. When the weare decides to wear it is entirely up to him.


The material used to design blazers sometimes largely differs from that used to design suit jackets. While there is no specific law that requires blazers to be designed by a particular type of material, most blazers are generally designed from wool because of the trendy requirements. Suit jackets on the other hand are usually made of pure fabric or cotton.


While the price of a blazer and a suit jacket may sometimes vary, suit jackets generally tend to be more costly than the blazers. Despite the material used in both being a bit different, buying a suit jacket may set you back more bucks than the blazers.


Blazers are generally meant to be worn by both genders. There is absolutely no limitation to the person who wears a blazer. That’s why you may find air hostesses dorning the blazer easily whole at the same time meet a college student with one. Suit jackets on the other hand tend to be a male kind of attire although it is not strange to find women wearing it.

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