Differences between admin and moderator

You have actually come across these two terms and you were completely confused about who to call when there’s a certain issue. You also want to know who to call when you want someone added to the organization’s collaboration or the communication ecosystem. Admin and moderators are also very important players in social platforms such as Facebook and whatsapp among many others. In Facebook for example, you will come across a list of admins and moderators that all play a different role. If you have been confused about the definition or the admin and moderator role in the group or communication ecosystem of a business, then we have explained that below.

So What is the Differences between admin and moderator?

1. Moderator and Admin definition.

A moderator is the person that runs the group’s affairs in terms of discussions, managing time and focusing on core values of the group. An admin on the other hand is the person that ensures you don’t have any problems when running the groups affairs or when discussing a specific matter.

2. Moderator works as a neutral participant

These people are included in a group to make sure everyone stays on track with the group’s purpose. They are likely to participate on a neutral ground when discussing different debates in the group to keep it running. They also limit the time of different issues. The moderator will also moderate what is being discussed on the group and for how long that specific topic should be discussed.

3. Moderator has a smaller role

I know you have been wondering who among the two people plays a bigger role. The administrator just like a CEO plays a higher role. He’s like the boss of all the other executive members in the group. As a matter of fact, an Admin can remove a moderator or change their role in the group when need arise. As I had already stated, an admin is the top manager of the group. Their role is to make sure different bugs are fixed, no delays in any way and the group participants don’t face any issues with the group.

4. An admin can remove another admin and moderators

That said, an administrator is the solemn being in the group. They are in charge of all the operations of the platform or the group. In case there are any issues, the main admin can remove other admins and the moderators. This means that an admin is capable of ensuring everything runs as needed.

5. Task differences

The administrator’s role is very different from that of a moderator. The admin will say change this, fix this; add new features while the moderator makes sure everybody is well placed in the group. In most cases, the moderator will moderate what is being posted or used in the group.

6. Moderator deals with the content

Unlike the admin who will focus more on the technical bit of the platform, a moderator will focus on keeping the group or the platform engaged. By the term ‘’engaged’’ am trying to mean consider the type of content being posted, how they comes up with such contents, what to discuss and what information should be removed.

7. The admin is responsible for anything happening in the group

I bet you have already seen some of the group laws being passed by different countries. India for example passed a law that sees all group admins being accountable for all the issues that happens in the group. In case the group is involved in any criminal activities such as spread of fake news that leads to death or injuries of other people, sharing of child abuse or sexual harassment content, the admins will be prosecuted.

8. Admins can make other members admins or moderators

One big difference is that a moderator has no role in making someone else an admin or a moderator. This is the role of the admin. This applies to all groups whether for Facebook, stock exchange, Whatsapp, Twitter or Instagram. The admin is responsible for promoting members or minimizing the number or removing stubborn members from the group.

9. Admins can make group settings

Another role that a moderator cannot take is to change the settings of the group. Unless someone is an admin, you cannot change the security settings of the group, change the profile pictures and status of that specific group.

10. The admin can do the role of a moderator, but a moderator cannot take the role of an admin

Admins can do all the things that a moderator can but a moderator cannot take all the roles of an admin. As a matter of fact, an admin can manage the group as a moderator and as an admin at the same time.

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