Difference between Jpg and Jpeg

Jpg VS Jpeg: Most of us if not all have encountered websites or profile pages that request for images of either jpg and jpeg formats. However many people do not usually know that there is a big difference between the two photo formats. It`s important to note thatSince the introduction of computers computer scientists have done their best to ensure that images can be read in softcopy format in various digital platforms thus eliminating the need for hardcopy printed images. With also the increased demand for digital content like photos and videos, various image extensions have been created for use and storage. The stored images must take up the required storage while offering the best quality for maximum user experience. Each of the photo formats thus has its varying features and merits compared to the other. The application of each in the world of computing is also different.jpg and jpeg are both image extensions. So what are jpg and jpeg? Both of these are simply image file extensions proposed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. Their existence is usually associated with compatibility issues that arose in the various old versions of operating systems. These extensions are sometimes used interchangeably but have various differences. Some of their major differences that can be noted from JPG and JPEG include:

So What is the Difference between Jpg and Jpeg?

1. Variation in length of extensions

Each file in a computer is usually identified by the use of unique extension at the end of its file name. For images the ‘.jpg’ and ‘.jpeg’ extensions are some of the common extensions when it comes to filenames of photos. One of the notable differences is that Jpg has fewer characters in the extension when compared to Jpeg. Jpg extension has three characters while jpeg extension has four characters. The length of the extension can be critical when images are to be loaded by some programs.

2. The difference in compatibility with Operating systems

An operating is the main program that runs at all times and one that coordinates sharing and access to resources. Some of these resources include photos and must be compatible with the operating system. Previous versions of Windows and MS-DOS could only load digital photos with three characters in the extension which made jpg more suitable and compatible than jpg. Mac users, on the other hand, do not experience these compatibility issues.

3. Comparable file sizes

Photos with the jpeg extension occupy less storage space on a computer than for Jpg images. This is because Jpeg offers less clarity than jpg hence some bits are lost thus making the file smaller. Jpg, on the other hand, are precise with every detail captured hence more data for the final image product.

4. The difference in quality

Quality is usually the first priority when it comes to online image content. To achieve better image quality one must surely go for jpg images which capture precise details from the image. Jpeg photos may sometime look foggy which is not the case for jpg images.

5. Fluctuating popularity in various sectors

Today jpg is more popular than jpeg when it comes to graphic design. This is due to the high demand for high quality photos and especially in photo design as well as marketing and social media. People who upload high quality content onto their profiles, websites or even portals through the internet today receive the mass following. On the other hand, photo shoots made by most cameras give a jpeg format where it has really gained roots in the application. Popularity for these extensions, therefore, varies with the field involved whereby either of them shows a mass following than the other.

6. Support by application programs

An application program is a dedicated software that performs a specific goal in computing. Most graphic design application programs meant for editing images convert and save jpeg formats as jpg. Jpg is thus a preference and is supported by most photo editors like Adobe Photoshop which is a big contributor in image content editing.

7. Differences in dates of the invention

Jpeg format was introduced before the jpg. It’s the advancement and other incompatibility issues that lead to the creation of the jpg image file extensions.

8. Upload and transfer time

Compression of an image to jpeg makes it lose some pixels as compared to jpg which retains the density pixels. A large number of pixels increases the size of the image file and hence variations during upload. Jpeg photos upload faster due to their low file sizes and precision hence take shorter times during uploads for the same internet speeds.

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