Difference Between a Calzone and a Stromboli

Calzone vs Stromboli: A calzone is an Italian dish that is mainly made by filling it with ricotta, mozzarella, and Italian meat and sometimes vegetables are added. It is folded into crescent shape then fried or baked until it is golden brown. On the other hand, a Stromboli is a kind of food that originated from Philadelphia, which is filled with colds cuts, various vegetables, and marinara sauce. The major difference between the calzone and the Stromboli are as follows;

So What is the Difference Between a Calzone and a Stromboli?

1. The origin:

The calzone originated in Naples, in Italy while the Stromboli originated from the Philadelphia. This makes the calzone to be more common and most consumed in Naples than the Stromboli which originated from Philadelphia therefore highly consumed in the area than the calzone.

2. Shape and size

Calzone is of crescent shape while the Stromboli its shape looks like a log. The calzone with its crescent shape makes it have a distinguishing feature that one cannot get confused when sent to purchase one while the Stromboli is like a log and therefore this makes them have a very open and physical difference.

3. The tomato sauce:

For calzone, the tomato sauce is served with the calzone differently while for Stromboli the tomato sauce is baked with it. The sauce in Stromboli is baked in it and therefore the taste does not change after being served unlike for calzone which the sauce is served on the side which is used as a dipping sauce and this changes the taste of it as the taste of calzone before adding a sauce is completely different from the calzone that is added a sauce.

4. Method of preparation

The calzone can either be baked or fried while for Stromboli it is only baked. This makes the two, that is the calzone and the Stromboli have a big different taste as there is definitely a big change or difference between fried food and baked food. People have their own taste and thus some will tend to like fried food, in that case, the calzone while others will prefer the baked food and that is the Stromboli.

5. Sealing technique

A calzone is like a taco while a Stromboli is like a burrito. This means that calzones are usually folded while the Stromboli is usually rolled. This brings out an outward physical difference as you are able to see and spot the difference. You cannot be confused about the two and hence when you send to buy the calzone you will keep in mind that the shape will make you distinguish them

6. The filling

The calzones are usually filled with the ricotta cheese while the Stromboli is filled with mozzarella cheese. Again this brings a major difference as even the taste of the two will be very different when you have a bite of the two. One must have a big choice between the two as the taste is not the same and everyone has his or her own taste.

7. Easiness of making

The calzone is easy to make compared to the Stromboli. Making a calzone you just follow the steps as you are only required to add ingredients step by step while for Stromboli it is like an art which can be very challenging as you can miss the number of ingredients required when rolling it.

8. The number of layers they are made

For the calzone, all the ingredients such as the meat, ricotta, and the mozzarella are all filled into one layer before they are baked unlike for Stromboli which comprises of so many layers as that is its unique characteristics that brings out its taste.

9. The consumption:

The calzone is easy to eat compared to the Stromboli. A calzone is just like a snack and like any other snack you may choose to eat while walking or even standing as it cannot portray a negative picture of you to the public unlike the Stromboli which is mainly consumed as part of the main food and like any other food it is consumed maybe at homes or restaurants. You cannot eat a Stromboli while standing or walking as it portrays a negative picture of you.

10. Time consuming:

The calzone will tend to consume less time than Stromboli. The calzone is very simple to make as at first it is filled in one layer. Making shape out of a tiny piece is very simple compared to a larger piece. Also for a calzone, the ingredients are added directly unlike for the Stromboli which requires much more time to the role it as it is filled in many layers.

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