Difference between Egg Roll and Spring Roll

Egg roll vs spring roll: An egg roll is ideally made of any type of meat such as chicken, beef or pork with additional vegetables. The wrapper is made of dough dipped in egg and then deep-fried. A spring roll, on the other hand, is mainly filled with vegetables. It is then fried to bring out the crispy outer shell. Below are some of the major differences between an egg roll and a spring roll:

So What is the Difference between Egg Roll and Spring Roll?

1. The thickness

An egg roll wrapper is usually thicker than a spring roll wrapper. This gives it a thicker bite as compared to a spring roll. In addition to that, it would take a longer time for an egg roll to be ready because of its thickness as opposed to the sprung roll.

The ingredients used

In the preparation of a spring roll, ring onions are usually used and this makes the primary ingredient of the spring roll. An egg roll on the other hand uses eggs as the primary ingredient and comes in multiple layering. In addition to that, an egg roll is made up of a combination of meat and vegetables while a spring roll is mainly made up of vegetables.

3. Cooking technique:

In the preparation of an egg roll, there needs to be a deep fry in the process. This is mainly because of the thickness and the ingredients involved in the coking. This is however, not the case when preparing a spring roll. A spring roll can simply be baked and it will be ready for consumption. However, some people prefer deep frying a spring roll which is also acceptable.

4. Origin

The egg roll originated from the American Chinese cuisine while the spring roll originated from the Asian cuisine. You will find many people from the American Chinese cuisines preferring to eat the calzone and therefore the consumption of the egg roll in the American Chinese cuisines is very high compared to the spring roll while people originating from Asian countries tends to gravitate towards the spring roll.

5. Fillings

An egg roll is mainly filled with both meat and vegetables while a spring roll is filled with vegetables only. The meat used when preparing an egg roll is usually minced, crashed into tiny pieces for it to be squeezed in the roll. In the case of a spring roll, the vegetables may not be crushed into tiny pieces but are baked as a whole.

The consumption purpose

Spring roll are mainly consumed as appetizers and therefore not considered as main meals unlike for egg rolls which are mainly considered or taken as main meals. The egg roll is heavy especially if meat is added

7. The size

An egg roll is mainly made up of many ingredients and is therefore larger in size compared to a spring roll which is smaller in size. An egg roll contains many ingredients such as meat and vegetable while a spring roll is only made with vegetables.

8. The wrapper

The egg roll wrapper is made of flour, unto which the ingredients such as the meat and the vegetables are added into while for a spring roll, the wrapper is made up of rice or any other starch unto which the vegetables are added before it is fried for consumption.

9. The shape:

A spring roll is usually cylindrical in shape and this allows it to be filled with so many ingredients of vegetables such as cabbages, carrots which are usually fried in the shape while for the egg roll it is made of a different shape depending on the preference of the person preparing it.

10. The crest:

For an egg roll, the crest that makes it up is usually thick due to the many ingredients added of eggs, flour, and vegetables while a spring roll crest is thin as it only has little ingredients of rice and vegetables.

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