Difference between maize and corn

Maize and corn are two words of the fruit that are commonly used interchangeably. The word corn is used in British English, and the word maize is commonly used in American English. They are a rich source of carbohydrates, fats, protein, minerals, and vitamins. The difference is not the only language, but there are many more differences between them, which are enlisted below.

So What is the Difference between maize and corn?

1. Maize is used in American English Language.

The word maize is used in American English, and this name is common in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, whereas the word corn is used in British English, and this name is famous in European countries.

2. Maize is a soft edible part of the fruit.

Maize is a North American Cereal which is softer and edible part of the fruit which is called as a kernel that is attached to the cob whereas the corn is commonly found in European Countries and it is a plant that contains large grains which are attached to the cylindrical woody part which is called as the cob.

3. Maize is not used for the product formed.

The word maize is not commonly used for the products formed from these grains whereas the word corn can be used for the product form from these grains, for example, corn oil is the term used for the oil extracted from these grains and cornflour is the term used by forming the flour of these grains and cornflakes, popcorn, etc.

4. Maize is used when the cereal is cooked.

The terminology of maize is used when the cereals are cooked properly and are ready to eat, whereas if the fruit is attached to crop in the raw form in the field, the terminology of corn is used.

5. Maize is a terminology used only for farm products.

Maize is a tall yearly cereal grass and bears an edible part called kernel on the top of the crop. However, the terminology of maize is used for the product yielded from the farm, whereas corn has a large number of meanings depending upon the location and the country. The terminology of corn comes from German or Dutch words Korn and Koren, and it changes into corn when it comes to the English language. It is used for any type of grains that are healthy to eat and can be yielded from the field like barley, wheat, oats, and even the word corn can be used for a peppercorn.

6. Maize is used in scientific terms.

The word maize is used in formal, scientific, and international functions because it precisely refers to Z. mays. The term Z. mays are also used in agricultural fields, and research institutes, whereas the term corn, is not used in any of these purposes.

7. Maize is harvested after the maturity of the fruit.

Maize usually harvested after the maturity of the fruit. That’s why the color of maize is dark yellow, and corns commonly harvest before the complete maturity of the fruit because of this color of the corn is light yellow.

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