Differences between enchilada and burittos

The Mexican region has a wide range of food diversity and could be considered as the world’s best food region. They have plenty of dishes which seem similar to tourists, but after observing, we can differentiate them easily. Today we are going to discuss the major differences between enchilada and burritos. Both are originated from the Mexican region but having plenty of differences among them. Let’s have a look towards their differences

So What is the Differences between enchilada and burittos?

History of the food

Mexicans are fond of spicy food in every era. Basic ingredients used in enchilada can be traced from the ancient Mexican civilization whereas burritos were first found in 1900 and admired by Americans. The native Mexicans named this dish burritos which means “like a donkey”. interestingly the name burritos labeled to this dish due to its heavy filling. Both enchilada and tortilla are a piece of round tortilla filled with many varieties of ingredients including potatoes, meat, cheese beans, and with different variations.

Variation in preparation of Tortilla and its size

Though tortilla is the main ingredient in both dishes but still has variation. Enchilada tortilla is made up of corn and small in size but in contrast, Burritos are prepared with the help of flour and comparatively large in size. During preparation of burritos, taco needs some steam or grilled after preparation to make it softer. Whereas, enchilada doesn’t need this.

Variation in cooking styles

Both dishes differ in their means of cooking. the inner filling of Burritos is dried. All ingredients are cooked well before smoothly wrapping in a tortilla. On the other hand, an enchilada is a little liquor, cheese, and sauce are added at the end of filling which makes it yummier and mouth watery. In burritos, people loved to eat it with rice or fried bean filling. But very rare demand noticed in the case of the enchilada.

Chilli Sauce

Chilli sauce is the specialty of enchilada, and depicts the latent meaning of that term’s association with the region of chilies. A warm piece of enchilada covered or soaked with a heavy amount of chili sauce after its filling. Red chili sauce is for mutton or beef filling in an enchilada, and for chicken and cheese taco soaked into green chili. Whereas, burritos can be eaten without sauce.

Dinning styles

Enchilada needs utensils, especially knife and fork for its serving, but burritos can be eaten in a foil paper.

The difference in the nutritional value of both dishes

Burritos are heavily filled with different ingredients which increased its nutritional value too with luscious taste. An average nutritional value of Burrito is 206 calories per serving and contains 16% fats, 11% carbohydrates, and 12% proteins, so its a full nutritional package. Noticing the nutritional value of enchilada, we came to know that they carry fewer calories as compared to burritos. Only 168 calories person gain after consuming the dish but unfortunately, it contains more saturated fat (23%) which would not be safe for a human healthy life.

Enchilada is pocket friendly

Every human in the world needs luscious food in less budget. Enchilada is street food so it can be affordable but burritos price varies from restaurant to restaurant.

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