Differences between Pressure Cooker and Instant Pot

There are many kitchen appliances which make your life easy as well as help you save lots of time. With passing time, the techniques and the appliances used in cooking have brought a revolution all around the globe as well as introduced a new concept for the people who love cooking. When it comes to choosing the right kitchen appliances for you, there are many options to choose from. Pressure Cookers and the Instant pot are widely used in kitchen appliances. Before choosing the appliances, we need to understand the differences between these two.

So What is the Differences between Pressure Cooker and Instant Pot?

1. Standard Pressure Cooker and Instant pot differ in usability, technology, and control.

A pressure cooker may lead to an explosion if not used carefully, but in the case of instant pot, there are lots of safety mechanisms, making it even safer to use.

2. The instant pot comes with many controls and pre-defined functions.

The users can control and adjust the functions as required before cooking. But in the case of a pressure cooker, there is a pressure regulator.

3. The instant pot comes with different modes for cooking.

The instant pot has a pre-defined set of programs, making it easy to cook food. But in the case of a pressure cooker, there are regulators used for controlling the pressure.

4. Instant pots are usually quieter.

As compared to the pressure cooker, instant pots are quiet, whereas the pressure cooker produces lots of unwanted sounds.

5. Users of instant Pot can cook a number of food items like rice and yogurt.

The instant pot is mostly suitable for people with busy work schedule and wants to spend limited time in the kitchen, while the pressure cooker has been in use for a long time as well as it is considered as one of the traditional methods of cooking.

6. A pressure cooker uses conventional methods of cooking

The pressure cooker does not harness electric power for its functionality, while instant cooking pot consumes electrical energy.

7. The instant pot is fully programmable

Home users can easily make use of the instant pot as virtually all functions are automated, whereas, the pressure cooker can be controlled with the help of pressure knobs.

8. The instant pot is more cost-effective

Users of the instant pot derive more benefit from their money because of the versatile nature of the instant pot. The instant pot can be used for a plethora of purposes in addition to cooking functionalities. But in the case of a Pressure cooker, the initial price is high, and it does not have a wide range of functions.

9. Instant pot cooks faster than the pressure cooker

The instant pot is electronically operated, and it cooks faster, thus saving lots of time. In the case of a pressure cooker, it is completely dependent on the gas stove.

10. Washing of instant pot is easier

The interiors are made from stainless steel, and it can be cleaned by hand. The pressure cookers can have heavy stains that require dishwasher.

11. There are several models of pressure cooker

There is a great variant in the appearance and size of the two Pots. The pressure cooker exists in thousands of models, and consumers can opt for any model of the pressure cooker as per their requirements. This is not the case as per the instant pots.

12. Pressure cookers have three years warranty while instant pots have one year warranty

The price and warranty of these two kitchen appliances differ as per the manufacturing brand as well as the capacity. Most of the pressure cookers are sold with a warranty of 3 years while a year warranty is apportioned to the instant pots. The basic differences between these two types of pots have been highlighted in this post. Go ahead and choose one based on your preferences.

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