Differences between award and reward

The English language is full of words that seem similar in one way or the other but have a difference in meaning. Many people usually think the words award and reward mean the same thing. This is only natural because the two words actually almost sound the same. On the other hand, if you take a keen interest you will realize there are massive differences between these words. Realizing the differences can help you better understand the meaning of the words when used in a sentence or even conversation. I have put together some of the key differences that set them apart;

So What is the Differences between award and reward?

1. Differences in meaning.

An award is basically a special prize given to someone as a mark of recognition meant to honor a certain achievement. In this case, a person is often given a medal, certificate or trophy. On the other hand, a reward is literally anything you get as a form of compensation or incentive for your services or efforts. It can be money, a promotion, or even some cookies.

2. An award is usually given to the recipient in front of a mass of people.

It is usually publicized at an official event. A reward on the other hand is given in private since it is more of compensation to a person for a job welldone.

3. An award is normally granted for excellence, achievements or great contributions in certain areas.

For instance, when you receive an award, its proof that you have done something tremendous. A reward has nothing to do with excellence or great achievements. It’s usually given as a way to appreciate a selfless act, services rendered, efforts, returning something valuable or even meeting a certain target.

4. An award is given for accomplishing something rare-Unlike a reward, an award is given to someone for being extraordinary in something. T

hey can be given for being the best in class, the best employee of the year, the best statesman or on any other instance.

5. Award is given for someone’s efforts-You only get an award after proving to be hard working in a way.

On the other hand, a reward is for contributing to something in a way. You can get a reward for successfully completing your high school studies.

6. You get an award for incredible work but a reward for hardships, loyalty or honesty-If you bumped into a wallet with 500 bucks in the garden and returned it to the owner, you can be offered 10 bucks as a reward for your honesty. If you won national games festival in your country, you get an award for your contribution, achievement or incredible work.

On the other hand, a reward is for contributing to something in a way. You can get a reward for successfully completing your high school studies.

7. Awards are in form of medals and trophies but rewards can be in form of finances or gifts-

Here is another visible difference between an award and a reward. When Kipchoge completed 42KM in 1Hr, 59 minutes, he was awarded in terms of trophies and medals, ribbons, certificates and cash for breaking the Guinness Book of record. Family and friends also rewarded Kipchoge in terms of gifts and cash for his achievement. Equally, the school honors your child as the best in mathematics but you reward them by taking him out or buying a new laptop for such achievements.

8. Nominations-

In case of an award, someone is nominated but in case of rewards, there are no nominations. For Tabichi to win the title of the best Teacher of the year globally in 2019, he was nominated to participate. For you to gift someone on their birthday or for completing something you instructed them to work on, you don’t have to nominate someone for the competition.

9. An award is decided by expert panel, a reward is an individual decision-

Winning a Grammy award you have to pass through a panel of experts, getting that 10M dollars from Britain Got Talent you have to present your talent in front of a panel made of judges and other experts. But for someone to get rewarded, no one needs to gest experts to decide that. It can happen for any reason any time of the day, week, month or year.

10. An award is formal, a reward is informal-

In most cases, and awards are presented to the ultimate winner in a formal setting unlike rewards that can be presented in informal settings. As a matter of fact, an event is usually organized to award someone but no event is needed to reward someone. In Fact, you can reward someone in person in the streets or at home.

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