difference between full board and all inclusive

Full board and all inclusive are two different types of holiday packages that can be purchased when booking a trip. Full board offers you accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel or resort during your stay. All inclusive packages go one step further and offer guests food and drink throughout their stay at no additional cost. Both can provide great value for money but it is important to understand the difference between the two so that you choose the right option for your needs. This article will compare full board with all-inclusive holidays to help you decide which is best for you.

So what is the difference between full board and all inclusive

1. What meals are included in a full board package?

A full board package typically includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Depending on the hotel or resort you are staying at, these meals may also include snack items such as pastries, crackers or fruit. Some hotels even offer complimentary beverages like coffee and tea with certain meals. Many all-inclusive resorts provide a variety of cuisines from buffet-style to a la carte restaurants for your dining pleasure. Breakfast usually consists of cereal, toast and pastries; lunch is usually sandwiches and salads; while dinner could be anything from traditional local dishes to international cuisine.

2. What additional services does an all inclusive package include?

An all-inclusive package typically includes a number of services beyond the basics. Depending on the provider, you may be able to enjoy access to recreational activities like snorkeling and kayaking, as well as guided tours of nearby attractions. You might also find buffet dining with an array of international cuisine options, along with alcoholic beverages included in the rate. Additional amenities could include spa treatments, kids’ clubs and babysitting services. Many hotels or resorts provide free Wi-Fi and may even offer discounts for local shopping trips or excursions.

3. Are drinks such as alcohol and soft drinks included in a full board package?

The answer to this question depends on the particular full board package in question. Generally speaking, drinks are not usually included in a full board package as these are often considered ‘extras’ that require additional payment. Typically, a full board package consists of three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), snacks during the day, and sometimes other amenities such as daily housekeeping services or use of recreational facilities. Alcoholic beverages may be available for purchase at an additional cost from the hotel’s restaurant or bar. Similarly, soft drinks can also be purchased separately but some hotels may include them with certain packages.

4. Are there any restaurants or bars that incur an extra charge for all inclusive guests?

No, most restaurants and bars in all-inclusive resorts are typically free for guests. However, some high-end resorts may have a few exclusive restaurants or bars that require an additional cost to access them. These premium establishments often provide higher quality food and drinks than what is available from the standard buffet lines. Additionally, many resorts offer packages that include discounts or complimentary access to these upscale eateries as well as other features like spa treatments, upgraded room amenities, and excursion packages.

5. Is the cost of activities such as water sports, golf and excursions included with both packages?

No, the cost of activities such as water sports, golf and excursions are not included with either package. However, there are discounts available for those who opt for our ‘Premium Package’. With this package you receive a 15% discount on all additional activities. This allows you to make the most of your stay at our resort, while still saving money.

6. Does the price of either type of stay vary depending on seasonality and occupancy levels?

Yes, the price of both types of stays varies depending on seasonality and occupancy levels. During peak periods when demand is high, such as holidays or school breaks, prices tend to be higher than during off-peak times. Similarly, if a hotel has a full occupancy rate for a given night then the cost may increase due to limited availability. Hotels also offer discounts and other incentives to attract customers during slow seasons in order to keep their rooms filled. Ultimately it pays for travelers to do their research and shop around for the best deal available at any given time.

7. Are local taxes covered by both types of stays, or do they have to be paid separately?

There can be differences in the way local taxes are handled depending on whether you’re staying in a hotel or through an online platform like Airbnb. Taxes related to hotel stays are usually included in the quoted price, while those associated with renting a property through an online platform may need to be paid separately. This is because some cities have specific regulations for short-term rentals, and hosts may not always include these fees as part of their advertised rate. It’s best to check with your host if you’re unsure so you know what expenses you should expect when booking accommodation.

8. Does either package offer discounts for children staying at the accommodation ?

Yes, both packages offer discounts for children staying at the accommodation. The Classic package offers a 20% discount on family stays with two adults and up to three children under the age of 12. Meanwhile, the Deluxe package also offers a 25% discount on family stays with two adults and up to four children aged 11 or younger. Both packages provide convenient access to nearby attractions such as theme parks and beaches, allowing families to make lasting memories together without breaking the bank.

9. Will I need to pay extra fees if I wish to upgrade my room type while staying on either a full board or all inclusive basis ?

It depends on the hotel and the type of upgrade you are looking for. Generally, hotels may charge an additional fee if you wish to upgrade your room while staying on either a full board or all inclusive basis. This could be in the form of extra amenities, such as access to a private pool or other facilities that come with higher-tier rooms. It is best to contact the hotel directly and ask about any potential fees before booking to avoid any surprises upon check-in.

10. Which facilities are available to guests who stay under either option ?

Guests who stay under either option will have access to a variety of amenities. They can enjoy the convenience of an on-site restaurant and bar, as well as complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the property. Also, for those looking for some time away from it all, we offer a beautiful outdoor pool area with loungers and hammocks perfect for relaxing in the sunshine. For business travelers there is also a business center equipped with meeting rooms, workstations and other services to help them stay productive during their visit. Additionally, each room features modern comforts such as air conditioning and flat screen TVs so they can rest easy while they are here.

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