Difference between Simon and Richter

Simon vs. Richter: Simon and Richter are gameplay characters who happen to share several characteristics. It is a no brainer that they both have supernatural powers, at least in the world of playing which gives them an edge when it comes to attacking their enemies and also for self protection in terms of danger.Simon uses holy water as a weapon of choice and has perfected the art of striking on dangerous things while using the same elements to repel enemies and disarm bombs.Richter on the other hand has a halo, or aura, around him that acts as a tool for protection and also for attack when need arises. These two characters have the same moves and tactics but can be differentiated by their appearance.

So What is the Difference between Simon and Richter?

1. Speed

Simon is faster compared to Richter: Both characters are known for their speeds. However, simon seems to be faster than Richter when it comes to speed. Fans have often made fun of Richter for being slower than simon because of his body size. Simon, being the smaller of the two, has speeds only comparable to lightning which gives him a competitive advantage.

2. Power

Simon is mighty compared to Richter:
The other comparison is in the power between the two. The powerful nature of the two characters can be defined by their chosen instruments of power. In this regard, Simon appears to be the more powerful of the two because of his chosen instrument of power. He uses holy water which has capabilities of disarming bombs.

Richter, on the other hand, may not be as powerful as Simon because he only has an aura around him that mostly acts as a protective device and not as an attacking device.

3. Appearance

There is a very contrasting difference between Simon and Richter:
Another difference between these two characters is in the body size and appearance. Simon seems to be bigger in size and is more muscular than Richter. Simon also has brown hair which is one of the most distinctive feature of the two.

Richter is shorter and less muscular.

4. Size

When it comes to size, Simon is not only bigger in size but he is also very tall. Richter acts more like an echo fighter for Simon which gives Simon more prominence.

5. Properties

The two characters have different properties when it comes to survival. As earlier discussed, Simon has holy water that plays an important role in his survival, beating up enemies and disarming bombs as he moves. Richter lacks this powerful component and instead has an aura around him that has very limited capabilities.

6. Realness

Simon seems to possess better realities than Richter. This can be seen in the way they both handled the same issue when confronted. For instance, when Dracula died, Simon raised him from the dead and then killed him again in order to eliminate the curse. When the same occurred to Richter, he raised Dracula from the dead but did not kill him.

7. Color

The other difference is in the coloration. Richter seems to have a coat of paint in his face which makes him look different from Simon and also very conspicuous. Simon does not have any color in his face which means he may not be as conspicuous as Richter.

8. Attacking

Simon’s ways of attacking are far much superior than Richters. The projectiles from Simon can be able to neutralize an enemy from miles away. He can literally attack from a very long distance and still get the better of his enemies.

Richter, on the other hand, does not have superior attacking qualities. He mainly depends on the halo to protect himself and thrives only in one on one fights.

9. Tactics

Simon’s fighting tactics are different from Richter’s. Simon has the holy water on him that he uses to wipe out enemies.

Richters, on the other hand, does not have any weapons of mass destruction.

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