Difference between Duck and Goose

Have you ever wondered why we characterize a duck and a goose as two different animals when they are almost identically similar? Most of us can distinguish between several similar animals like a quail and a chicken, right? What’s more challenging is to differentiate between a duck and a goose. These two freshwater animals belong to the same family Anatidae and they seem to be similar. However, they are completely different from each other. Although they are related in so many ways, yet they have many characteristics that set them apart from each other. Let’s take a look!

So What is the Difference between Duck and Goose?

1. Geese are larger than Ducks

When observed, you get to know that a duck is a medium-sized animal and a little smaller than a goose. On the other hand, a goose varies from being a large-sized to being a medium-sized animal. So Geese, are generally larger than ducks.

2. Ducks have bright Plumages while Geese have a long neck

The male ducks are covered with a bright layer of the feather that is termed as plumages. The ducks are said to have a stout body; that is, they have a rather fat or plump body with short legs. However, a goose lacks bright plumages, but their body is elongated, which is why their size is also larger, as stated above. They have a long neck and legs as compared to those of ducks.

3. Ducks have more species than Geese

According to research, it is estimated that about 90 species of ducks are found in the whole world. These species vary in color too. With most of them having orange, green, yellow, and black feathers. As for goose, there is an estimated amount of 29 species found in the whole world. These species are said to have gray, white or black colored feathers and are often seen with spots on their body.

4. Geese love green vegetables while Ducks love insects

Some of the ducks dive underwater in fresh seas. They primarily feed on tiny fishes, aquatic plants, insects, grasses, and small amphibians, mainly living near a pond or lake. Although the goose also lives near the freshwater aquatic environment, they prefer to feed on green leafy vegetables like cabbage, etc.

5. A Duck Quakes while Goose honks

Ducks are famous for their quaking sound. A female duck produces this sound. However, geese communicate with each other by making a honking noise.

6. Ducks’ couple are seasonal while Geese maintain a lifetime companionship

Ducks are said to be monogamous birds, and that they mate with just one partner during the mating season. The pair of ducks last only for a season. The female duck is responsible for the incubation and rearing of the young ones. The newly born baby ducks are termed as ducklings. Geese, on the other hand, are said to retain their family. They form couples that last for a lifetime. They are said to form a strong family in which they take care of their young ones. The newly born Geese are termed as goslings. On the whole, they have several morphological features because of a similar lifestyle in the aquatic environment. Meanwhile, the dissimilarities between a Duck and a Goose have been deduced in this article. Thanks for reading!

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