Difference between Marginal Cost and Marginal Revenue

Press release vs Press conference: A press release is commonly usually a written or non-written statement which contains very serious matters about the organization or state that it is to be read to the public. The person preparing is usually the head of an organization, political party or state and mostly handed to the media so that it can be passed as soon as possible to the public. A press conference entails a large gathering of people or media who have come to listen to ideas and discuss the way forward. There is always a question and answer session in a press conference. There is some difference between the press release and press conference.

So What is the Difference between Marginal Cost and Marginal Revenue?

1. Press releases are issued by those in authority while press conference may not necessarily involve those in power

The press conference can be given by any person who plays a certain role in the society such as a business entrepreneur or politicians to the members of the public while the press release is a written statement which is read to public by a specific person or media about a certain matter that has emerged.

2.Press releases are specific to the subject matter

In a press release the person giving out the speech speaks on specific topic concerning the issue that has emerged while in press conference the speaker talks of a wide variety of issues and when he or she has finished delivering his or her speech, can allow being asked questions by the members of the public and can speak on any of the topics that are raised.

3. A press release can be said on behalf of another person

A press release is delivered in the quoted speech that is it’s delivered in direct speech while in the press conference the speech is delivered in indirect speech as mostly it speaks about different matters, unlike press release which speaks on a specific matter raised and speaks on the way forward.

4. Press releases are more question

oriented when the media is called than for press conferences A press conference usually entails a question and answer sessions especially when the media is called. The reporters will ask questions and the people giving out the speech are to answer while the press release is like an official document which is prepared given to the public a certain issue for information purposes and it normally does not have question answer sessions. Immediately the message is passed to the concerned party that becomes the end of the press release.

5. Little or no discussions during a press release when compared to a press conference:

A press release is usually a typed document with information to be passed to certain members or organizations and therefore there is no discussion while a press release is usually a word of mouth that a certain member or leader of a certain organization passes to some people and also allows discussions if there is a certain topic that it was not well understood.

6. A press release is more direct and straight to the point than a press conference

A press release is a prepared statement to be given to the peoples concerned and therefore it goes straight to the point giving out clear purpose for the statement by the heads of the organizations or leaders while a press conference is an open session with no straight topic to be covered and therefore it covers different topic especially when it comes to question and answer session where one can ask any kind of question he or she would wish to.

7. Less contact of the source with the audience during a press release than in a press conference

In a press release, the statement which is in written form is handed out to some specific people or organizations so that from there it can be read to the people or members involved while in a press conference the members of the public gather on a certain place so that you can direct and address them face to face. All the information is then delivered to the gathering and if any of them has a burning issue can raise it for discussion and also be directed or advised on the matter.

8.Fewer people involved in a press release than for a press conference

In a press release, people who participate or give out the statement are usually very few since its public participation may not have a chance. Even a single person is enough to deliver the information while in a press conference there must always a large gathering for it to go on. Sometimes the press conference is canceled if there is less attendance as required as it will be inappropriate, as it requires much on public participation.

9. Press releases are issued during emergent issues that require quick response than for a press conference:

A press conference can be called when there has been a lot of disagreement between the members of the public and the concerned parties such as if there have been strikes by workers due to violations of their rights, a press conference will help to settle this as their opinions are taken into considerations and this can help settle the dispute while in a press release the statement is given with public participation and hence if the rights of the members are violated they are not given an opportunity to express their feelings towards the matter.

10. Not anyone who can issue a press release but a press conference can be held by anyone

A press release the speech is usually prepared a specific person who plays a great role to the information to be passed such as interior security minister preparing press real due to emergence of terror attack in the country and the steps they have taken to overcome it while in a press conference even a person within the congregation can be chosen to give his or her opinion on a certain topic and there it is open to all and the topic to be discovered is open.

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