Difference between Iphone 6 Plus and 6S Plus

iPhone 6 plus VS iPhone 6s Plus: iPhone is a smartphone designed by Apple. Apple has been known to produce high quality and prestigious devices ranging from computers to smartphones. Introduction of the 8th generation iPhone 6 series has sparked excitement in iPhone users. The iPhone 6 series brings on the table wider screens and better performances. However, there are few contrasts between these devices. Some of the differences found between iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S plus include:

So What is the Difference between Iphone 6 Plus and 6S Plus?

1. Weight:

The joy of every smartphone user is to own the lightest gadget in town. To add to this, no one really wants to move around with bulky pockets. If you go for the weight specs a tremendous difference is thus usually noted. iPhone 6s is heavier having 192g which is equal to 6.77 oz while iPhone 6 is lighter boasting of a 172 g body compartment equivalent to 6.07 oz.

2. Touch display

iPhone 6 plus has a large capacitive touch screen while its iPhone 6s plus competitor hosts a wide 3D touch screen with multi-touch functionality. The multi-touch functionality enables the user to peek and pop and interact with various shortcuts with more ease.

3. Camera Decency

Social media enthusiasts, travelers, and photographers will take the costs of any device that can capture high quality memories through camera pictures and videos. iPhone 6S plus gives an opportunity to its users to interact with a 12MP back camera while iPhone 6 plus users get the 8MP camera. The front is backed by a 5MP SELFIE camera for iPhone 6S plus and a corresponding 1.2MP for iPhone 6 plus. iPhone 6s thus wins the battle when it comes to cam features and this is also a significant factor that most customers of iPhone phones inspect very much.

4. Battery capacities

Usability and maximum experience are offered by the capacity and abilities of the battery that powers a given device. iPhone 6 plus boasts of a huge screen display. This is usually compensated for by the use of a larger power capacity battery of 2915mAh for iPhone 6 and a comparable 2750mAh for iPhone 6s plus which has minimum power requirements. This is a slight variation in battery capacities which might catch the minds of the buyers who are actually very concerned about battery life.

5. RAM

Random access memory is the only semiconductor type of memory that is directly accessible by the phone`s CPU also called the processor. The processor should, therefore, have a bigger RAM capacity closer to it for quick retrieval of data and instructions. A huge RAM will thus guarantee a seamless switch of applications without the device taking longer times to load or hang which is very discouraging. Users of iPhone 6 plus only enjoy a 1GB memory while their counterparts using iPhone 6S plus brag of a free 2GB of RAM. The small 1GB variation of RAM in memory space is so crucial and especially when the device is used for multitasking processes that involve lots of data.

6. IOS version

The operating system which is the main program that takes care of any process in any computer device must be chosen wisely. iPhone 6 is powered by an older IOS version 8 while iPhone 6s runs on a newer IOS version 9 platforms. The later OS version offers improved performance with a better user interface.

7. Chipset

The chipset works together with the processor to accomplish the processing of tasks. Faster chipsets usually enhance processing speeds. iPhone 6 plus has an Apple A8 (of 20nm) while iPhone 6s plus runs on a faster Apple A9 APL1022 (14nm chipset).

8. Clock speeds

CPU processing speeds are very important as they determine how fast your smartphone can service your requests. There is a remarkable 1.84 GHz dual core performance for iPhone 6s plus and a notably slower 1.4 GHz dual core for iPhone 6 plus.

9. Color variations:

Most buyers of mobile smartphones, especially ladies, are color enthusiasts and have their favorite colors. Both iPhone versions have brilliant colors in grey, silver, and Gold but iPhone 6s wins the match by the introduction of Rose-Golden color in iPhone 6s plus. This gives a wider choice of colors than iPhone 6 plus with the new Rose Gold color option.

10. Cost:

iPhone 6 costs approximately about 450 Euros. iPhone 6s pus might not be that budget-friendly as it is slightly expensive by costing approximately 50 to 55 more euros than iPhone 6 plus. This, therefore, requires more funds by the buyer or an iPhone fun for iPhone 6s to own and enjoy its unsurpassed features.

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