Differences between bronzer and contour

Most of the time, people intermix the terms bronzer and contour with each other, but there is a big difference between these two terms. Now let’s take a look at the differences.

So What is the Differences between bronzer and contour?

1. Contour is used to enhance specific facial features

Contouring is used to enhance specific features structures of your face and to create special shadows for beauty purposes on your face. In contrast, bronzer is used to add colors and warmth to your face beauty as it reflects light and gives a healthy look.

2. Contour showcases the facial structure

The contour powder is used to make the shape of your face structure like to show your nose slim or to show chick bones a bit prominent or to make your jawline high. You can perform all these tasks to add beauty to your face by contouring. Whereas Bronzer powder is supposed to give you healthy skin, sun-kissed skin, and typically it has a little bit of shine in it to show up your skin healthy.

3. Greyish color is used for contouring

Naturally, when the shadow is created on your face, it is greyish, so you should have to select the product of greyish color for contouring. Whereas for bronzer, most of the time, the orange color is selected to bronze up your face. If you use orange undertone product for contouring to enhance your facial features and structure, then your face will be bit muddy instead of healthy and shiny. So the selection of colors matters a lot in contouring and bronzing.

4. A small brush is used in contouring

A Small angular brush must be chosen for contouring, and for detailed contouring, you must have to blend it after applying contouring powder. It could be blended with a brush if it is powdered contour, and if it is cream contour, then blend it with the help of a sponge. Contour the part which you want to make prominent as in case of chick bone. You should apply contour powder just below the chick bone. As for the case of bronzer, a bigger angular brush is selected and always applies Technique 3 for bronzing like starting from forehead to cheek and then to the jawline. In this way, the natural shine will be added to your skin. In this way, the use of both of the products in a proper way is very tricky and should be done in the right way.

5. Contour can be used to reduce the contours on the forehead

Contouring and Bronzing have different products and cannot be used interchangeably. The placement of both of them is very divergent. Bronzing powder has to be applied to temples, brow bones, chick bones, and definitely on the nose. On the other hand, contour powder, you can use to sculpt your cheekbones to make yourself look a little bit slimmer if you want to, or if you have got a very big forehead, you can hide that with contour. Lips could also be contoured to give the illusion of bigger lips.

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