Difference between a Milkshake and a Malt

A milkshake can be described as an all year round ice cream-based treat. Milkshake is a great dessert beverage that is usually made with ice cream, milk, and a variety of flavorings. The word milkshake was first recorded in 1885, wherein it is a type of drink that is made with whiskey and eggs and is served as a treat. It is most only known as eggnog. In 1900, people changed their ingredients to ice cream and sweet flavorings for it to be more wholesome. Meanwhile, malt is a type of milkshake, but the only difference is that they added malted milk powder into this drink. This type of malt is made from malted barley, some milk, and wheat flour. The nutty and sweet flavor of the malted milk powder gives a distinct richness yet delicate taste to this special treat. Malt is usually paired with chocolate flavors. What are the differences between a Milkshake and a Malt?

So What is the Difference between a Milkshake and a Malt?

1. Milkshake has a creamier texture than a malt

Plain milkshakes are naturally made with milk, ice cream, and special flavorings; that is why the natural flavor of thickness and creaminess can be so prominent even in the first sip

2. A Malt milkshake has a distinct toasty and buttery taste that lingers in your taste buds.

This one is simple! Malt is tastier than a milkshake. The reason for this taste is the malted milk powder that is added to the typical milkshake mixture. The unique nutty flavor of the drink is a byproduct of the barley that is the main ingredient of a malt.

3. Chocolate flavoring is a good partner for a malted milkshake.

The chocolate flavor is a constituent element in malt but not in the milkshake. Because of the malted barley that is the base component of the malted milk powder, it creates a striking nutty taste. This flavor would taste even more exciting if paired with chocolate.

4. The flexibility of a milkshake when it comes to flavor variants is vast.

A normal milkshake can be made with all the different kinds of flavors you could ever think of. You can blend two different kinds of flavorings, yet it would still taste amazing. The first-ever milkshake was popularized and sold in the markets for a long period. As we all know, milkshakes were first known to the public in the year 1800. With just a very simple mix of ingredients, which is egg and whiskey, this drink was a very profitable and loved product at that time. Meanwhile, malt is solely made of chocolate flavor.

5. Drinking Malt milkshake is like tasting a beer mix treat.

There is a vast difference in taste between malt and milkshake. Malt is tasted more like beer. The presence of barley in the malt powder mixture is the one responsible for the beer-like taste of the treat. It is also because malt is one of the prominent components of a beer.

6. You can prepare your very own milkshake in the luxury of your own home.

The ingredients that a normal milkshake is just available in your fridge and pantry. With the presence of milk, ice cream, and flavorings, making your special treat is just blissful but malt cannot be prepared in the home because of its barley and beer-like nature.

7. Malted milk powder is previously used as a health drink for disabled people.

Who would have thought that the main ingredient of our favorite malt drink had been used as an easily digested restorative health drink for physically challenged people and children, as well as an infant’s food? It only means that the inclusion of this in our special milkshake treat had made it even more nutritious than ever. Meanwhile, a pure milkshake is an only tasty stuff with no health benefits. Take cognizance of the differences and choose according to your preferences.

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