Differences between Cherokee and Grand Cherokee

Jeep vehicles are all over the market and their demand is increasing every day. This is definitely because of the technology put together to meet your specific needs and the study of the construction combined with the quality of materials. The Jeep manufacturers are releasing new vehicles every year which can really confuse people especially those with little information about the vehicle industry. One of the notable models that has stirred a couple of reactions and debates in the market is the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee. To clear the air about the two Vehicle models by JEEP, we are going to discuss top 10 notable differences between the two.

So What is the Differences between Cherokee and Grand Cherokee?

1. The size

One major difference between these two vehicles is size. The first one is a small SUV while the Grand Cherokee is a full size SUV. If you have been looking for larger SUVs from this brand, then you would definitely have to consider the Grand Cherokee. It has more space and also comes with large capacity and a slightly different design to accommodate the changes.

2. The Grand Cherokee has more power-

You would definitely guess that a large SUV would come with more power to match the size and new uses. The Grand Cherokee has a 3.6-Liter V6 engine. This is the engine that gives about 295hp and 260 pound of torque. On the other hand, the Jeep Cherokee has a 2.4-Liter four cylinder engine which is comparably lower than that of Grand Cherokee. This engine has a horse power output of 184 and a torque of 171 pound.

3. Jeep Grand Cherokee provides more capability

with the new size and the engine power, you would expect that the Jeep Grand Cherokee is more capable to perform some tasks than the Jeep Cherokee. Jeep Grand Cherokee is preferable for many outdoor activities such as hiking and getting through untarmacked roads.

4. The price

The Jeep Cherokee is comparably cheaper than the Grand Cherokee. This is an indication that it has a friendlier price point. What this means for you is that for budget Jeep buyers, its recommended to get Jeep Cherokee.

5. Jeep Cherokee is more maneuverable

Because of the size of the Grand Cherokee, it would be easy to maneuver it when compared to the other model. This makes Jeep Cherokee the best for city activities. This is an indication that you have to make up your mind about your lifestyle and which of the two is specifically fit for that lifestyle.

6. Interior features

the two JEEP SUVs have very beautiful and sophisticated interior features. If you care too much about the interior features, you are very likely to go home with any of the two models. However, the Grand Cherokee is bigger and hence offers more leg space. You also get heated seats and leather wrapped steering wheel.

7. Cargo space

Its very obvious that the Grand Cherokee has a larger cargo space. This is definitely because of its large size. For people looking for vehicles with large cargo space but restricting their options to Jeep Cherokee, they would preferably go with Jeep Grand Cherokee. It has a space slightly bigger than its counterpart.

8. Safety and Technological features

The two vehicles are very safe and come with sophisticated techno features. The driver seats are very comfortable; the audio system is top notch. Additionally, they both come with a touchscreen 8.4 inches and a full speed collision warning. Though, the Grand Cherokee has some added features that you will not get from the Cherokee 2019. These features include Harman Kardon premium audio system, park assist both parallel and perpendicular assist, cruise controls with stops and advanced DVD player capability.


The two models perform quiet well in terms of their engine strength and ease of working with. Though, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has a heavier engine that is preferred for strong tasks. The vehicles also have enough horse power for different drive ways and tasks. If you have really worried about that, then you may end up getting any of the two vehicles. Though, the Grand Cherokee has a slightly bigger engine that makes it preferable for people living outside cities.

10. Fuel efficient-

With a bigger engine, you would expect that the Grand Cherokee consumes more fuel. As a matter of fact, Jeep Cherokee is more efficient and uses less fuel. For that reason, it’s a better option for people buying Jeep SUVs on a budget. It’s relatively cheaper which adds to your budget. Though, the Cherokee is not as functional and performing as the Grand Cherokee.

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