What is the difference between left and right Twix

When Mars, Inc. ventured into Chocolate business, many people didn’t expect their line of chocolate bars to attract such a huge crowd. In 2013, the company started a campaign where a man was asking people whether they prefer right or left Twix in one of their packages that had 2 pieces of candy bar. What the company wanted to add to the people’s already existing love for their chocolate bar is that there’s a difference in the candy bar. Checking this commercial closely left people thinking that there’s a difference in the way the caramel was applied on the cookie section of this chocolate bar. Many people knew for so long that there’s no difference in the chocolate bar. This ad left some few people believing that there was a difference in the candy bar. But I have also seen many of them doubting whether there’s actually any difference between the left and the right Twix. You will find this debate in hundreds of online platforms where people are hotly debating the possibility of a difference between left and right Twix. While a good number of people wants to believe there’s a difference. To clear the air, we have discussed several points that reveal the possibility of a difference between left and right Twix.

So What is the What is the difference between left and right Twix?

1. Superiority

Although there’s no significant difference between the left and the right Twix, people agrees that the left Twix is superior. This is because it has smooth chocolate that flows over a crunchy cookie and caramel. This is one of the many reasons this topic is hotly debated.

2. How you hold the Twix-

It’s not easy to know which is left or right Twix. As a matter of fact, what makes the difference is how you are holding these bars before you open it. This is what is going to set the right and left Twix aside.

3. One is at the top and the other one at the Bottom

I have also come across many people debating that there’s no left or right Twix. These bars are packages as top and Bottom Twix. This is because the name is printed lengthwise. So, depending on how you are holding the Twix, there’s a top and a Bottom Twix.

4. In the advertisement

One thing that the company had to make clear is that the left and the right Twix existed in the ad. This was entirely to increase sales and not to set any differences between the two Twix that don’t even exist. When you closely analyze the advertisement, you will realize that Left and right Twix existed here and they are identical in reality.

5. The left Twix is stuck to the right Twix.

If the sense of Left and right Twix existed, then you would clearly notice that the left Twix is stuck to the right one. However, because of the way the package is printed, they appear like the top Twix is stuck on the bottomTwix.

6. The right Twix is more stale than the left Twix-

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7. The caramel on the right Twix is not creamy-

Another physical difference between the two types of candy bars is that the caramel of the right Twix is not as creamy as that of the left Twix. This was also determined by taste testers who were served the two candy bars to see whether there’s any difference.

8. The recipes are different-

If you closely analyze the candy bars, you will notice that each of them has a different recipe. As a matter of fact, the left Twix is made using cookie, chocolate and caramel which makes it sweet and crunchy. On the other hand, the right Twix is made using chocolate caramel and Cookie. The ingredients are the same but the formula is different. All fools can see the difference!

9. Determining which is left and right Twix-

One major difference exists in the way the two Twix are advertised. It’s very hard to determine which of the two is right or left Twix. Verily, it highly depends on how you hold the package before you open.

10. Left Twix is preferred to Right Twix-

Although people are still debating whether there’s any difference between the two Twix, some of them believes that the left Twix is better than the right Twix, each of the people have their own reasons.

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