Difference Between Peanut Butter And Jam

Butter vs. Jam: Everyone who loves bread has peanut butter or a jam container at his or her kitchen. So what is the difference between peanut butter and jam? Butter and jam are mainly applied to wheat foodstuff. Since a long time before civilization, the history of wheat and man is usually mentioned at some time. Wheat has been a source of food since ancient times and is still used today. This shows how wheat has made a significant impact on human life. Some of the most common foods made from wheat include Bread and cakes. Humans have for long relied on Bread for ages and still do in today`s tech world. It is worth noting that: however delicious bread can be, it still begs for some peanut butter or jam. Bread made from wheat flour therefore, does not go down our throats on its own without a companion. Peanut butter or jams are some of the food spreads which are usually applied to most wheat food products. Some people may prefer peanut butter to Jam. Peanut butter is usually spread on bread to enhance its taste. Peanut butter, just like its name sounds, is made from roasted peanuts which are usually made into a thick paste that sometimes has a smooth texture. On the other hand, jams are made from crushed uncooked or cooked fruits like berries or edible vegetables. The sweet and thick paste is usually extracted and processed where other sweeteners or ingredients including preservatives can be added. It`s worth noting that fruit jam can be easily made at home with the least costs. There are many differences between Peanut butter and Jam. These include:

So What is the Difference Between Peanut Butter And Jam?

1. Peanut butter is made from peanuts while the jam is processed from fruits and vegetables:

Peanut butter is usually derived from roasted peanuts. These peanuts are usually crushed to make a thick paste which can be spread on bread. On the contrary, jams are made from crushed fruits. The fruits may be cooked or sometimes raw depending on whether they are readily edible. This is one of the greatest differences between peanut butter and jam.

2. Peanut butter has more fats and calories than jam

Because peanut butter is made up of lots of fats from peanuts as well as other hydrogenated vegetable oils, it carries with it large amounts of fats and calories that may not sound good for our bodies if taken in excess.

3. Jams have more sugars than peanut butter:

Fruit jams contain both natural sugars from fruits and vegetables as well as artificial sweeteners. Sweeteners and natural sugars in peanut butter are reduced compared to those in fruit jams.

4. Peanut butter has many health benefits when compared to jams

Peanut butter offers the eater a good supply of proteins, and minerals like zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium which are crucial in building one`s health needs. Little health benefits are known or are associated with jams. Peanut butter might thus be a good option for health enthusiasts.

5. Have different textures

Most fruit jams have a smooth gelatinous texture which slides smoothly on bread while peanut butter comes in a thick creamy paste which may sometimes feel harder when being spread on bread.

6. Jams are more fluid than peanut butter

Taking the instance of inverting a container with jam filled up to a certain level and doing the same for peanut butter will make some difference. Jams in most cases change their shape and flow easily when compared to peanut butter which does not flow easily if inverted. Peanut butter may not even spill if inverted.

7. Jams made from fruits are mostly red or fruit associated colors while peanut butter comes in a brownish and creamy spread

If no artificial colors are added, most fruit jams usually come in red colors when compared to the brown color in peanut paste.

8. Most jams contain Pectin while peanut butter does not contain it

Pectin is a starch that makes jams thicken and have a semi compact texture when cooled. Pectin is usually found in the walls of fruits and is very useful on jams after the fruits are cooked. Without pectin, jams may not exhibit its dense and jelly properties. This is very different from peanut butter which does not any contain pectin.

9. Home-made Jams are easier to make than peanut butter:

Homemade fruit jams are easier and have fewer requirements when being locally made at home compared to making peanut butter. This may constrain lovers of peanut butter to always buy it from the supermarket rather than making it.

10. Jams can be made from fruit pulps or seeds but peanut butter is made strictly from peanuts:

Peanut butter is constrained to peanuts as its raw source but jams can be processed from many fruits or sweet seeds that come from fruits.

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