Differences between Full Metal and Brotherhood

Full metal vs. Brotherhood: Over the last decade, Full metal Alchemist has been recommended several times. It is an iconic anime that has been the talk of the town in the 21st century. Just like many other people, you may be wondering what the hassle is all about. If you are new to the anime scene, you need enough guidance to understand the difference between the full metal and Brotherhood. Now I bet you are already wondering about the version you should be getting. In this article, this is what we hope to untangle for you. In this article, we aim at giving you all the differences between the two and leave the chance for you to make up your mind on what is best.

So What is the Differences between Full Metal and Brotherhood?

1. Faith to the Manga:

Brotherhood is more faithful to the Manga. Brotherhood began airing before 2003 which follows the material faithfully. The original FMA anime first aired in 2003 but by this time the Hiromu Arakawa’s Manga was still actively coming out. Creators decided not to load the series with filler sweeps. Instead, they decided to write a new original plot for the second half of the show.

2. Improved animation:

Brotherhood features improved animation. Here is another thing that differentiates between the two. Though the two series boost high quality, the fact is that the 2009 anime features considerably more advanced animation. The series that was released in 2003 contains a number of scenes where only the speaking character moves. At the same time, nothing happens in the background. On the other side, the Brotherhood’s scenery is regularly alive with motion. This is the main factor that makes the world seem like a real place.

3. Different plots

The two are different and it’s only the same name and the places. The FMA 2003 was made before Manga and this doesn’t mean it’s the worst. The story of Full metal is actually alive and more mature than the Brotherhood.

4. The Two are different in Graphic and animation

The two are very different in regard to the Graphic and animation. The FMA 2003 graphic and animation is better than Brotherhood. It’s not HD yet. In regard to Music, some won others lost.

5. Brotherhood is more fantasy, not too tragic and has a light story.

This is what makes Brotherhood stand tall here. The Brotherhood doesn’t have any feelings that would initiate you to kill enemies. War didn’t happen, it has a happy ending and enemies are not many. On the other regard, the Enemies are many and there’s some induction to kill them. In the brotherhood, friends are very many, has a romantic move and there is also less family bond.

6. Full Metal Alchemist and Brotherhood have a different ending.

The two series are good series but they have a different ending. Brotherhood had a better ending than the Full Metal Alchemist. As they had different views of the characters, you would expect that the ending is not the same. The Brotherhood had a romantic ending but The Full Metal Alchemist had a very tragic ending.

7. Brotherhood was more detailed:

Here is another difference. In Brotherhood, it explained more about King Bradley. It also tells you about how King Bradley turned into a Homunculus. The other difference is that it sticks to the full metal Alchemist Manga.

8. The Story:

Original FMA series follows the Manga up to about halfway but Brotherhood follows the story to the end. If you pay close attention to the two, you will realize that the Full Metal Alchemist follows the manga by Hiromu Arakawa up to about halfway and later diverges to another story. Though, the FMA brotherhood continues with the story to the end. On the other hand, the Brotherhood didn’t involve Hiromu Arakawa. He was not involved in the production.

9. Antagonist:

the other difference is that the main antagonist in both series is very different. The Original FMA 2003 anime features the central antagonist who is a furious woman named Dante. She controls Seven Homunculi which are named after the seven deadly sins. In the FMA Brotherhood, the main antagonist is the Father who is a Power Hungry man who wants motility over everything else.

10. Animation:

The brotherhood features considerably advanced and better animation. This shows that the FMA brotherhood is more alive with details in everything. In the brotherhood, the background and everything else is more dynamic and elaborate. The FMA 2003 anime lacks the visuals because most of the viewers believe there’s nothing actually happening in the background.

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