Differences between Public and private colleges

Over time, the importance of education has been so much ignited, and colleges are the major source of providing higher education to the students. Based on administration & financial management, there are two main categories of colleges, Private & the Public. Public colleges are state-sponsored & generally non-profit institutes. In contrast, the private schools run their operation courtesy tuition fees from students, and often their objective is to maximize their profits. This means their revenue outweighs their expenses in simple words.

So What is the Differences between Public and private colleges?

1. Cost of Education is more in Private colleges

Here, the difference lies in the tuition paid by parents to these two sectors in the society. Private colleges generally charge a fee much more than those of government or public colleges. Due to this factor, children from rich background are mostly registered in private colleges. Though there are some students from rich backgrounds in public universities & colleges. There is a mixture of elite & poor classes, but on the other hand, private colleges target the elite class in the society.

2. Teacher Student Ratio in private colleges is smaller

The number of students per classroom in a private college is much smaller than those of the public institutes; that’s why there are more chances of attention given to students in these institutes compared to the public colleges where this ratio is on the higher side.

3. Private colleges have better infrastructure

Often private colleges offer more charming & luxurious infrastructure as they are being funded by students or the parents of students. In contrast, the public colleges do not have many infrastructure and luxurious environment as they are state-sponsored.

4. Public colleges have more extracurricular Activities

The amount of co-curricular activities by these two sectors found the basis for another difference between them. The Public colleges lead the private ones in this section. The main reason for this is not the lack of funds in public colleges. More so, there could be an argument that the bigger events arranged are by the public colleges, but a large number of students in public colleges minimize the opportunity per student to be part of these activities.

5. Public colleges have more degree Value

When taking into account the colleges, public college degrees usually outweigh the private university degrees of the same program. This is a bit interesting, but the reason is that in public colleges, admissions are being provided based on merit. In contrast, in private ones, almost everyone could go and study the main courses by proxy. Here, admission is based on the ability to pay the high amount of tuition fee.

6. There is more Student-Teacher Relationship in private colleges

In public colleges, the faculty is much more empowered and mostly even more empowered than they should be. They are not as accountable to the administration for the results and performances or keep a check on the staff. Whereas, teachers in private colleges are more accessible to students; one reason for this is the small ratio of student to teacher in the classes.

7. Private colleges have more organised assignments

The procedure of assignments, exams, etc. is more organized and disciplined in private universities as compared to the public universities.

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