Differences between Mortal Combat X and XL

Mortal Kombat game was introduced as an arcade-mode game for PCs and PlayStation. The game is all about duels between players with gore and bloody content. The original game has seen upgrades over the years. Initially the X version came out while now we have XL which differ in some respects.

So What is the Differences between Mortal Combat X and XL?

1. Mortal Kombat XL is for Xbox and PS4

The Mortal Kombat XL is available for both the Xbox and the PS4, whereas Mortal combat X is only available for one version.

2. Mortal Kombat XL comes with Kombat Pack 2

The Kombo Pack 2 gives you a tint more of control and diversity over the game. Innumerous options of playable characters and diverse new character skin are brought to enhance your gaming experience. As for mortal combat X, Kombat 2 pack has to be bought separately.

3. Mortal Kombat XL is more brutal

The graphics and the game play of the XL edition is more intriguing for the players than the X edition. This is attributed to the increased brutality in the new edition. The newer edition lives up to its expectation.

4. New fighters are available in Mortal Kombat XL

The addition of a robust group of new fighters lead to a gaming experience like never before and forms the bases for another difference with the X edition. Now you can create the dream-team and make the opponents lick the dust. The skills of drunken Master are now available while a cyber-ninja will make you hop out of your seats. The cyber ninja i.e. Tri-borg is an absolute killer created with incorporation of series of styles of Cyrax, Smoke and Sektor. The character of Bo’ Rai Cho is alluring.

The new character of Xenomorph from Alien is a fierce opponent that adds sheer brutality and great gaming experience to the gamers. This is one of the best additions to the new edition. Battlefield will never be the same with the advent of Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror series.

5. New Skin Packs have been added to mortal kombat XL

All the gamers have always wanted to own all the options within a game. The previously available content is released again in an enhanced way. The Kold War Kin Pack along with the Kold War Scorpion Skin is readily available. The Goro and the Brazil Skin Pack that you loved in the Mortal Kombat X are revised in the XL edition.

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